About NDNA

The North Dakota Newspaper Association was founded in 1885 to support and advocate for all North Dakota newspapers. NDNA represents its members and the public in legislative affairs -- protecting the public's right-to-know through open public meetings and open public records.

NDNA also works to secure and process advertising for its members; offers a service of distributing news releases, and operates a service to clip news stories for organizations and individuals. Please contact us for information about our services or the newspapers of North Dakota.

NDNA is governed by a eight-member Board of Directors elected by member newspapers. A structure of committees, whose members are volunteers, make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors hires an executive director who oversees the association's operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does NDNA place advertising in newspapers?
Yes. NDNA can place advertising in any number of newspapers in North Dakota! Because there is a newspaper association like NDNA in every state, NDNA can place advertising for you in every state in the country also.

How many of the newspapers in North Dakota are weekly newspapers and how many are multi-day newspapers?
There are 73 weekly newspapers and 10 multi-day newspapers in North Dakota. The newspapers in North Dakota reach every county.

What is NorthSCAN?
NDNA places classified advertising in North Dakota newspapers under the “NorthSCAN” label. That stands for "North Dakota Statewide Classified Advertising Network.”

How much does it cost to place a NorthSCAN ad?
The base rate is $160 for up to 25 words. The ads run one time in every North Dakota newspaper.

Can the ads contain more than 25 words?
Sure. They can be any length. Words beyond 25 are charged at $5 per word.

Is placing an NorthSCAN ad a savings for me?
If you were to place the ads at each individual newspaper it would add up to considerably more. And by placing the ad through NDNA you only have to make one call – to NDNA or your local newspaper.

What if I would like a larger ad?
NDNA provides the North Dakota 2x2 Network. Your two-column by two-inch ad (that’s about 4” by 2”) can be placed in every newspaper for a flat rate of $700. The 2x2 Network ads may also be placed on a regional basis in the state. Call Shari Peterson at NDNA (223-6397) and she’ll help you.

What about public notices?
Public notices may be placed with your local newspaper or through NDNA. State law prescribes that the public notice rate be established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The formula used to set the rate is the same for each newspaper regardless of circulation. The cost of printing a public notice will be approximately the same in every newspaper.

Who should I call if I want to place an ad?
Display advertising (ads with borders on them): Kendra Taylor, 223-6397.
NorthSCAN and 2x2 Network: Shari Peterson, 223-6397.

Are you able to send news releases to the newspapers?
Yes. Call Shari Peterson at 223-6397 and she will provide information. NDNA sends news releases to all newspapers and we also can send the news releases to all radio and television stations in the state.

If I’m looking for more information about NDNA and how it operates, who should I call?
Please contact the NDNA Executive Director, Cecile Wehrman, 223-6397.