NDNA moves into downtown Bismarck

4/17/23 (Mon)


If all goes as expected, NDNA's offices will have relocated to leased space by Dec. 28, 2023.

Plans have been in hyper drive ever since receiving an offer on the building about 30 days ago -- just three days after it was listed!

With the sale set to close Dec. 27, and a lease offer contingent on that closing, it's not yet safe to be sending out our new address but the stars are aligning to pull off a move before the end of the year.

The NDNA building, constructed by the association in 1988, has served us well for 35 years. However, times have changed: we have less staff, less need to store paper records that have redundant backups on our computer network.

Coupled with the potential for costly remodeling and/or building repairs in the future, the NDNA board voted at its October meeting to "test the waters" on a sale, ultimately receiving an offer nearly three times what the building cost to construct.

Our new location, though smaller, will give NDNA a higher profile, with a sign right on Main Street in downtown Bismarck, with assigned off street parking.

The new location is also furnished, which is going to allow us to shed the desks we expect are also of 1988 vintage. They're still in great shape so we will soon be seeking bids from our members who might like to snag one or several. Some filing cabinets and shelving units may also be among the things we're going to dispose of rather than move.

So, please keep an eye out for more communication on our "rummage" items, all of which will have to be out of the old building by the end of January.

For further information, contact the
NDNA Executive Director,
866-685-8889 or director@ndna.com